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What Can I do to Improve my Credit Score after Bankruptcy?
What Can I do to Improve my Credit Score after Bankruptcy?
11/11/2015 | by: Danielle | Category: Uncategorized


Following bankruptcy, your credit score will have undoubtedly taken a hit. Many firms and companies will try to sell you products claiming to improve your credit score through their corporation. The truth is that there’s no reason for you to pay money to anyone to improve your credit score. In order to improve your credit worthiness following bankruptcy, try to limit the amount of consumer debt you are carrying. Invest in a secured credit card to start building up your credit history. Make timely payments on all debts and try not to use up a huge percentage of your line of credit on any one card at a time. The truth is that rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy takes time. It is not going to happen overnight. While it is tempting to purchase a program that claims it will fix your credit, more often than not, you’re better off improving your credit one month at a time with the steps outlined above and tips from the credit reporting agencies.

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