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What Does a Typical Mediation Entail?
What Does a Typical Mediation Entail?
03/16/2016 | by: Danielle | Category: Uncategorized

Mediation will vary depending on who the mediator is. Generally both sides in a mediation pay fees to the mediator before the mediation begins. The fees will fluctuate depending on whether a half day or full day mediation has been selected. The fees are typically between several hundred and several thousand dollars. Again, the exact numbers depend on the mediator selected. Most mediators will choose to have the participants initially convene together to discuss their positions. After both parties have provided an opening statement and the mediators have had a chance to discuss, the parties typically convene to independent rooms. The independent mediator then goes back and forth between the rooms until the parties have reached an impasse or until an agreement has been reached. Once an agreement has been reached, the parties will sign an agreement in which they agree to abide by the terms provided.

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