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Who is Disqualified from Serving as a Guardian?
Who is Disqualified from Serving as a Guardian?
12/08/2015 | by: Danielle | Category: Uncategorized


The Texas Legislature has specifically disqualified certain individuals from serving as guardian of another individual.  A court can decide that someone is disqualified based on lack of experience. Similarly, the Court can deem an individual unsuitable to serve. A good example of this would be if someone owes many creditors or has filed bankruptcy, a court may not find it prudent to appoint such an individual to manage the financial affairs of another individual. Other reasons for disqualification include notoriously bad conduct. Examples of notoriously bad conduct would include conviction of aggravated assault, injury to a child, any type of sexual offense, and other bad conduct adjudicated by a court of law. Nonresidents without a resident agent, conflicts of interest, and other significant issues can disqualify an individual from serving as guardian. Overall, the judge is looking to appoint a guardian whose service will be in the best interest of the proposed ward.

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