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Why Do I Need a Will?
Why Do I Need a Will?
12/10/2015 | by: Danielle | Category: Uncategorized

A will can be a very important document for a variety of reasons.  A will allows you to give your property away according to your wishes, rather than how it would be distributed by law. It also allows you to make specific bequests. Want to give your antique necklace to your daughter but your antique table to your son? A will allows for such specific bequests. It also allows you to designate who will be in charge of administering your estate. This can be particularly helpful in situations where you know one family member or friend is particularly experienced in finances, real estate, or legal expertise, and the other family members become overwhelmed dealing with such situations. It allows for your beneficiaries to gain access to your property with relative ease and also for your creditors to be paid with relative ease.  Overall, a will is an essential piece of any estate plan.

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